The Book on Public Speaking by Topher Morrison

The Book On Public Speaking

…takes a head-on approach and challenges the status quo for business leaders that speak in front of their staff, board of directors, and the public.

After reading this book…

…You will be privy to the most current methods for speaking to an audience for maximum impact in today’s more sophisticated and skeptical culture.

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Foreword by NY Times Bestselling Author, Joel Comm

Joel Comm SquareWhether you are taking the stage or speaking to an audience through a camera, regardless of your fears, this book is designed to help you make the most of your speaking opportunity.— Joel Comm

What You’ll Discover In This Book

Many of the tips and techniques people apply when speaking publicly are unfortunately cliché, and everyone in the audience can see them coming from a mile away.

This book will help you learn clever replacements that are at your reach, that will help you reach the same outcomes, while differentiating you from every other speaker.

Who Should Read This Book?

The Book On Public Speaking can help those who wish to improve their skills when speaking to an audience.

However, it was particularly written with one person in mind, one of the most risk-taking speakers of our day: The executive who is looking to refine their public speaking skills in order to make a better impact with their customers, investors, and employees.

Topher Morrison Best-Selling Author

About the Author

  • Topher Morrison
    Best-Selling Author

Topher Morrison is the Managing Director for Key Person of Influence, a growth accelerator firm that has worked with over 1,000 companies, globally, to help them dominate their market share.

He is featured in the award-winning documentaries “The Compass” and “Riches,” and his first book Stop Chasing Perfection & Settle for Excellence has been hailed as The self-help book for people who are sick of self-help books.

His previous book, Collaboration Economy, was released in 2014 and reached national best-seller status within hours. It has become the go-to book for small business owners looking to stay relevant in the Collaboration Age.

Raves For The Book

John HeffronI learned some amazing presentation techniques from Topher. I’m using them right now. They’re awesome. You can’t tell because you’re reading this.— John Heffron Winner of “Last Comic Standing”

James LaversTopher is crazy good at training you how to communicate on-camera so that your business gets more attention.— James Lavers Professional Speaker, Founder, “Selling From The Screen”

Steve SieboldTopher Morrison is one of the most powerful professional speakers in America, and this book reveals how he’s earned millions onstage, on camera and in business. I strongly recommend that you read it.— Steve Siebold CSP, past Chairman of The National Speaker’s Association Million Dollar Speakers Club

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The Book on Public Speaking by Topher Morrison

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