“What To Expect” Recording

Thank you for clicking through from The Book on Public Speaking. I hope you are enjoying the book and getting great value. Here’s a free tool to help that value to last even longer. The downloadable audio on this page is designed to email to someone who signs up for your event. The whole purpose is to reduce the amount of refunds and cancellations.

I’ve created the product to be generic, so I don’t mention my name, a course title, the length of the program, or anything else that would make it seem irrelevant to what you are selling in your training program.

You are free to use this as you wish. You may copy it, distribute it, attach it to your own products, transcribe it and re-record it to your liking, or anything else creative that you can think of which would help you to keep your customers signed on and excited to attend your events. I’m not putting any restrictions on this whatsoever. I want you to use it freely. It’s my gift to you.

Download Audio